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With A Modern And Ethical Approach

Who are we?

Cooperativa Lavoratori Zanardi is a collective of accomplished specialists dedicated to the craft of binding exquisite editorial works. Upholding the esteemed legacy of the ‘Gruppo Editoriale Zanardi’, we unite under the cooperative to continue a tradition of excellence.
Our organization thrives on the satisfaction of our clients with the services we provide. Our success is built on delivering these services with unwavering reliability, adhering to legislative requirements, and optimizing resource use. We are committed to environmental stewardship, health and safety standards, and ensuring favorable working conditions for all under our care.

History & Identity

A journey to unveil our history.

Emergence and Evolution

Born in 1967 as a typography/binding business and quickly gained prominence for its refined product. Within a few years, it conquered the European market under the name of "Gruppo Editoriale Zanardi".

Period of Eminence

The 1990s—a surge of brilliance. A peak in both scale and productivity. Just a heartbeat before the economic crisis.

Rebirth and New Identity

In 2014, the company experienced a renaissance, transforming into a cooperative entity. Guided by ideals of cooperation, mutuality, and shared interests, it emerged anew.

The New Era

Beginning in the early 2000s, CLZ has been on a steadfast path of expansion, transforming the bookbinding industry with unique formats and innovative methods.
We Are Being Trusted
A point of reference in Veneto, Italy, and worldwide, we are proud for being an essential part of a team composed of gifted individuals who contribute together to our collective successes.


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