Cooperativa Lavoratori Zanardi

We are masters of binding books, infusing them with the distinctive
Made In Italy
quality, both within Italy and across the globe

Legatoria Di Libri Pregiati A Padova

Why a cooperative?

Embracing the principles of cooperation, shared responsibility, and joint participation, we’ve rewritten history. Today, we craft exquisite objects, each imbued with the perfect blend of values and ideals.
We are ardent artisans, fueled by passion for our craft. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we meticulously shape our creations. Each product we birth becomes a masterpiece, an exquisite work of art.


Our passion fuels our craft and our equipment allows us to create unique books tailored to any demand. Our adept talents have the alchemical ability to breathe life into every concept, weaving it into tangible reality.

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Begin crafting a beautiful book bound, enriched with premium materials and meticulously perfected at every stage of its creation.